Death on a Rock is screening as part of the Northwest Tracking series at the Portland Art Museum on May 17th at 4:00PM. You can buy tickets here! Much of the cast and crew will be in attendance!

Rachael Perrell-Fosket wins Best Female Role and Death on a Rock is selected as a Film Forum Selection for Best Feature Film at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival!!


Hello! I’m Jordan Eusebio and I’m a Denton, TX based filmmaker and sound designer.

I started my career as a sound designer and onset recordist but have recently started developing more projects as a producer. I'll slowly start to transform my website to reflect this over the next couple of months.

I think sound as a storytelling tool is often overlooked but can be one of the most effective ways to quickly and covertly establish the mood of a scene. Collaboration is one of my favorite things about film so please contact me if you're in need of some sound editing or onset recording!

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What I'm Doing